Most of the Known Diem Scam Sites | Protect yourself.

Diem scams are getting a lot of attention as the Diem is just around the corner to launch, some organizations and scammers are looking to rip off your money and put it straight into their pockets without giving you anything but a Scam. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t sound good at all but trust us, we don’t want you to fall into a trap.

Although these companies and associations are spreading through their marketing strategies to capture investors through their foolish offers. Therefore, we are here to help you out and protect you from any phishing. Here is a list of the most famous Facebook Diem scam websites that you should avoid.

Some known Scam-Sites:


And all accounding Subdomains like

  • secure. …
  • diem. …
  • wallet. …

Some of those are doing a “kinda” legit business by providing other coins, but they are named in a way that people are confused and think they are the official Facebook Diem coin, which they are not.

Simple Rule: If the URL is NOT

  • (ex
  • (ex or

    and they want to take money from you
    => it’s a scam.

A thief trying to get your diem.

If you are having trouble with these sites and need further information on Diem, please sign up for our newsletter here:

With this article’s help, we hope you will not get into any problem; to buy Diem, we would like you to know some general rules and regulations. However, don’t trust anyone other than (ex, (ex,, and last but not least, the Diem-central.

154 Replies to “Most of the Known Diem Scam Sites | Protect yourself.”

    1. We understand your concern, which is why we are trying our best to help people, so they don’t fell prey to these scammers.

        1. Yes, Carlos, I am afraid to say so, but it is a scam since Diem isn’t launched yet, and anyone selling you Diem is clearly, trying to scam you, so we would like you to keep your valuable money safe and protected.

      1. How about this website: and I have sent my Ethereum to that wallet and I think it is a scam now

        1. I’m very sorry, but this seems to be a classical scam site.
          Try to revert the transaction and inform your authorities if this is not working. Can you please be so kind and tell us how you found these sites?

          1. I found it running advertising on Facebook and it look so real and i sent 7 ethereums to purchase Diem token from it and now I don’t know what to do also I just found another one call secure.Diem it is exactly same . I don’t know how many people with be scam by this

          2. Another website is and can you tell me how can I revert the transaction please

          3. This is the website valid wallet I sent my ethereum to this: 0xb943E63c5e70E9Abf74e35F1Cf0a900d3F451e67

        1. Hi Brad, Yes, I have to say that, unfortunately, this is a scam site. You should avoid sending any money to this website.

        Is this also a scam I have just bought 17,000.00 rand worth of diem have I been scammed

    2. I think they are being reported and investigated – but it takes time to take them down.
      If you spent money on those scam sites you should always report it to your local authorities, so that they can inform international investigation channels.

      1. I just got scammed on facebook-libra (dot) net
        I thaught i was buying libra, i lost 10000usd

        1. OMFG. O.o
          That’s horrible to hear!
          How did you pay? Can you maybe cancel or revert the transaction? Did you inform the police?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that =/
      Please report it to your local authorities – I know this won’t help you much right now but can help for the case against these sites.

  1. the page no longer works. Thank you so much Facebook for giving me this scam. Bastards. Goodbye my money.

    1. We are sorry to hear about your loss. Although it is not Facebook’s fault, these scammers are always waiting for an opportunity; unfortunately, Diem is one of the trending topics on the internet nowadays, which is making them seize people’s money. We hope this article would help others to keep their money safe.

    1. Yes, Richard, if they are selling you Diem because Diem isn’t launched by Facebook yet, these scammers are trying to catch your money every way. As a simple formula, don’t believe on any website until and unless it is,, or, and keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets.

    1. Thank you for your cooperation. About your question, we don’t think so. Instead, we think the only possible solution to help people is to inform them about these scam sites and how they stole their money.

      1. Yes, you can report to your local authorities with all the proves that you have. This would help the authorities to file a strong case against them, and in no time, these scammers would be taken down.

  2. You would have thought Facebook would have been warning people on their pages about all these scams and make effort to close them.
    This is beyond belief that Facebook remained quiet about this all along

    1. I am not sure about Facebook, but yes, you are certainly, right. Facebook should be advertising this, but they are not. On the other hand, we are just trying to help others in a possible way.

    2. Got scammed by Received a link from within Facebook. How is that Facebook is allowing such a think. Lost a lot of money. Have reported to the FCC. Is there anything that can be done?

  3. Why aren’t these sites taken down. is still operating. Surely the authorities should be taking these sites down and going after these scammers. Even Facebook is doing little to warn people about this. Facebook will suspend you for violating their terms but yet does nothing about scammers on the Internet using their brand.

    1. I think Facebook is also taking action against them, along with the authorities. However, these investigations take some time, which is enough for these scammers to collect loads of money and hide.

  4. Do you people report these sites and scheme to relevant fraud authorities? Has anyone reported these sites?

    1. We inform and appreciate people who have been scammed to report their local authorities with pieces of evidence. So, local authorities can file a strong case against these scammers.

  5. Hi, now changed it’s URL to

    It’s still the same scam, so please add it to warn others.

    1. Thank you for your continuous support Mike, I really appreciate your efforts.

  6. They are scam sites as listed above.We need to report these sites to the appropriate authorities.I lost $20K to one of the “diem” sites but betarefundcom helped me out.
    Be wary of crypto scams.

    1. I’m a little skeptical here. Can you tell me how you got the money back exactly, Jones?
      (Also “Get your Money Back” Services are often scammers!!)

      1. Hello,

        Can you tell me please if you find something how to get money back from this scam website?

        thanke you

    1. I am afraid to say that it’s a scam site, as well. Avoid purchasing any Diem from them since they’re not available yet.

  7. Per favore potete controllare => Exchange . facebook-diem . net?
    Il sito con tanto di home Page simile a presenta il alto a destra un’opzione di scelta “Market” che ti fa aprile una pagina per Exchange.
    È pure sito truffa?

    (Edited by Admin – deaktivated Link)

    1. Sì, anche questo è un sito di pura truffa. è una copia di e altri. Ci sono sempre gli stessi truffatori dietro.
      L’ho aggiunto alla lista, grazie per l’aiuto!

      1. Grazie della notizia, me lo aspettavo. Ho le conversazioni registrate con tanto di foto e numero di telefono su whatsapp. Cosa mi consigliate di fae? Li pubblico a Voi o li tengo a disposizione della polizia postale ?

  8. fucking fraud too me and 3 others of my family just god scam our account are no longer available and the page is deleted. So angry right now .

    1. I am really sorry to hear that, Sabrina. I am glad to hear that it’s no longer available. Now at least some people would be secure. If you get across any of such websites again, try to report them to your local authorities and don’t invest in any of them.

    1. If you apply the “rules” mentioned above – yes, this is s scam! =)

      I added it to the list – thank you very much for your input.

        1. Yes, Ahmed, I am afraid to tell you that it is a scam site. Don’t invest any money. Diem isn’t officially launched yet in the market.

    1. WOW- looks professional. They really put A LOT of efford in making this look real. Even working charts O.o
      But since they also have a changing DIEM / USD graph, and the App downloads don’t point to the stores but to an QR Code, we can be sure this is a scam.

      But seriously, that is a well done scam. I’m impressed.

    1. WOW- looks professional. They really put A LOT of efford in making this look real. Even working charts O.o
      But since they also have a changing DIEM / USD graph, and the App downloads don’t point to the stores but to an QR Code, we can be sure this is a scam.

      But seriously, that is a well done scam. I’m impressed.

    1. Yes, Andrey. It is a scam site. Diem is still not available in the market. So, anyone who is selling you, Diem, right now is a scam.

    1. Yes, Manfred, it is a scam site, avoid any kind of investments or transactions with them.

      1. Hi Patrick,

        It was over 12 hours ago so I can’t find it now. However it was actually on my Facebook under “sponsored” or “Suggested for you” content and their email address (in case it helps) is just


    They sent me an email like I was invited to PRE-SALE ICO….

    Now I understand that for sure is a SCAM.

    The admin panel was very curated so I give them my details like name, direction etc. FUCK FUCK FUCK my stupid ass brain… I hope they can’t do nothing…

    1. I forgot to mention that the email I received was from “”

      They should be in prision for this.

  10. Be carefull with that guy, Calvin. He has been cheated me and have been stolen 3220 eur from me over His number +33605931765.

    Yes, i know, i was the naive and stupid, but i hope, that i can help with this comment to others and they can avoid that guy!

  11. Fake websites. guy hunting in Hungary with French mobile on girls to invest in crypto (diem) quickly. first with 300 EUR and then more. you wont get your USDT back as he disappears and blocks you. the website also disappears.

    1. Hi…same happend to me..guy from tinder..pretend to be french..his site is block your account and try to convince you to update your assets if you want to take money…
      Just forget money and tell them to go f… themselves 😤

  12. The actual fake website the dating crypto scam guy uses in Hungary, see below. A Chinese website with lots of bed English sentences. it says withdrawal failed, if you want your asset. no transaction code, no failure reason appears. online customer service wont reply. trade statistic shows diem trade history months back 😊 very pushy, pursuasive guy!beware!!!

      1. Hello, do you have actual site? Is there any chances on getting the money back? Has this been reported to the authorities?

    1. Thank you very much – I added it to the list.
      Did you get there over an ad? If so, where did you see that ad and do you have a screenshot of it?

      1. is scam?

        Someone introduced me to this app, and they kept encouraging me to put in money. I put in $9,000. In a market situation, the platform suddenly forced me to say that I owed more than $8,000 after I liquidated my position. Legal Issues. Now 10 days have passed and I got a message on whatapp saying that if I don’t repay the money, someone will come to my door or go to my family to tell me about it.

        1. Yes, is surly a scammer site. I would go so far to say that every .vip is a scam site if it takes money from you.
          But I did not understand what is going on in your case. Can you elaborate?

  13. Last week I received a link from someone I met on a dating app. Surely it was a scam!

    I felt bad for clicking the link but as I long as I don’t enter any inputs I should be safe I suppose.

    Please add the dirty link below to the list

  14. Hi
    .im very worried because I came across diemlibre(dot)io and although I did not give any money to them im worried about my identification which the ask you to upload including a photo of yourself holding your identity document.
    Can this be an identity theft scam too .
    Do I nedd to have all my documents changed by the authorities?

  15. Same situation with someone I had been talking to online – they used – I invested $300, made $70 and then was able to transfer it back to my coinbase account without a problem.

    I’m sure this is a scam, but perhaps they allow smaller amounts to be withdrawn to gain an investor’s trust? Thoughts?

  16. Hi I wrote before …hoping for an answer …what happens if you upload you documents onto Diemlibre …is this identity fraud ? Do i need to be changing my documents ? Thanks

  17. Based on what I’ve read I’m pretty certain I’ve been scammed.

    Is the site: https://diemse(dot)xyz/wap/#/ a scam site?

    I deposited money into and then transferred it to this site. Traded DIEM/USDT futures and now when I go to withdrawal my profits they tell me I have to pay tax in USD from my traditional bank account in order to access my USDT.

  18. Is legit or fake? Kraken shut down my account as I was transferring tether to this site to trade diem. I had what seemed to be legit profits and losses on hotaex. But I am concerned it’s a scam and maybe losing my money on a bad short sale transaction saved me from investing more in it. Was “guided” here by a hot Chinese girl off Tinder who really seems to like me.


    I tried to transfer assets from this platform to my account at Crypto. The transaction went through and 2 days later it´s not possible to reach the platform. Money gone I guess.
    Somebody told me to trasfer assets from DIEM to HOATEX…..

    Is there something to do?

    1. Hi Bjorn, it is quite a complicated situation here. I think you have been scammed too because Diem was never launched officially. I am sorry to hear about your issue, however, I think you should file a complaint to your local authorities.

  20. Hello, I new friend wants me to invest in, he is investing on it sucesfully, is this broker safe?


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