Where can I buy Diem?

I want to buy Diem. How and where can I do that?
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“Where can I buy Libra”

… was one of the most asked questions in our Facebook-Group. And we had to give the same answer over and over: Libra is not “out on the market” yet. So, you’ll have to wait a little. But then the Libra Association dropped the big news in November 2020: Libra (aka “the Facebook Coin”) will see the light of the world in 2021!

But with the next move, Libra actually died. Surprisingly, The Libra Association announced the change of its name to Diem Association and also the renaming of the stablecoin currency to Diem.

As we know, Diem didn’t show up in 2021, and still Facebook (now Meta) is not putting out much information about the rollout plans. But we’re looking forward to see the DIEM Coin in 2022!!

So, where can I buy Diem then?

As of today (Jan 2022), you still can’t get Diem. But we already can tell you, that the central place to get / buy / trade the Diem currency will be the Novi wallet.

We’ll inform you right away the first day you’ll be able to buy Diem:

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Buy Diem here!

We are also working hard on making it possible to buy and sell Diem (the new “buy Libra”) here on Diem-Central. But this depends a lot on our partners, so just check in after Libra / Diem launched. Or even better, sign up for the newsletter above.

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